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Is Home Staging really worth it?

Home Staging has proven to be an amazing marketing tool in any market. While most sellers are reluctant to spend money on preparing their home for sale, it may take some convincing to prove that this #1 marketing tool really does deliver. Take for example the listing below.

Case Study: 2462 Worthington Rd

Take for example 2462 Worthington in Maitland. A beautifully renovated property that checked all the boxes. The problem? With an open floor plan and no furniture, a buyer can become overwhelmed with room configuration ideas that will prove to be a challenge. Why? Buyers only know what they see and not what it could be. Our job here was very simple. To add definition to the space and show the buyers what it could be.
This beautiful listing sat on the market for 30 days before we staged it and it only lasted days to go pending after being staged.
We love to see our clients succeed and always recommend reaching out to us before listing a property. Our results have proven time and time again that Home Staging is not just furniture and decor. It is the thin line between an offer and sitting on the market for longer periods of time. Give us a call at 407.760.6918 and let's discuss your upcoming vacant listings. We'd love to be part of your success and help you get to the finish line.
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